Posted by: Floyd J Fernandez, J.D. | August 10, 2015

New Beginnings – August 2015

The last time I ever thought of walking into this blog and doing something with it I was in a totally different city, with an entirely different set of circumstances. Immigration as a field, however, was the same practice as it has been, frustrating in many ways, but rewarding when things work. The problem was that then, as now, solo practitioners like ourselves feel often like subsistence farmers, trying to scratch out a living in overused, barren fields. It is difficult to maintain a positive sense of purpose for why we do this kind of work, when the system we work within is so manifestly broken. Worse, political leaders appear to be happy with it just the way it is, or might even want to break it even more.

Because immigration law is constantly changing and we do not know what to expect coming out of Washington D.C., although we have some ideas of what we might expect, I will be posting featured articles and opinions here that I hope you will find to be both interesting and challenging for which you may gain new insights and perspectives into this complex area of the law. Please stay tuned and check back for further posts.

The Old Alcalde

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